Off Camera – Part 1

Sometimes you might just have to get a video uploaded and published, but because you’re breastfeeding the baby (this would be a no audio time maybe, and yes, we can multi-task like that 😉 ) or just left the gym and you think you’re not so camera ready. Or you just had a bright idea and it’s 3 am and you know you look a hot mess! Well, I know some of you are always gorgeous…anyhow..

If you have a photo, thumbnail, etc. already saved, it will be simple and easy to record your video without having to be on camera. Take a look to see what I mean.

Positive In…Negative Banned

There will be some days when you just don’t feel it…put the brakes on those thoughts asap. That could be done by the words you repeat to yourself, reciting a favorite quote or a singing a special song.

Cut the negativity off immediately!  Whatever it takes to bring you to the positive zone and keep you motivated, do it and do it daily.   #dailymotivation  #dailyinspiration   #nonegativeenergy  #dailyaffirmations   #focusedenergy  

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