Open Enrollment Extended

The Federal Government has extended the Open Enrollment sign-up period through April. That gives you even more time to sign up for 5LINX enhancedcareMD’s Smart Choice Bundle, enroll in health insurance through the Smart Choices Marketplace and reduce the penalties for being uninsured this year.   #openenrollment   #healthinsurance   #getcovered  

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Do you deserve a pat on the back?

Of course you do! Celebrate your achievements, big and small. Baby steps count as much as giant leaps, IMO!

I recently accomplished one of my major personal goals, and it feels GOOD!

Don’t forget to reward yourself for your hard work. Don’t get so stuck on what you didn’t get done that you overlook what you have accomplished!

When You Accomplish A Goal -Celebrate!!! (2)

Can You See It?

Do you still have sight of your dream? Do you know what your dream life looks like? Keep that vision in your head and in your heart.

Sometimes we get discouraged or lose our motivation. Think about what keeps your dream alive? Why did you get started? Do you have others counting on you?

Shake it off and refocus! Your dreams are within your reach. You may have to change your strategy, but never give up. ‪#‎yourdreamsarewithinyourreach‬‪#‎nevergiveup‬ ‪#‎stayfocused‬ ‪#‎itwillhappen‬

Can You See It-

Dream Big

IS YOUR FEAR ( False Evidence Appearing Real ) HOLDING YOU BACK

Let your little fears know YOU HAVE BIG DREAMS

Don’t believe the lie.  It is possible if you break free of your fears and doubts.

When you start feeling that fear creep in, remember why you got started with whatever it is you are GOING ( not trying ) to make happen.  Whether it be:

a new business
a new relationship
purchasing a new home
quitting your job and traveling the world, etc.

Whatever it may be, conquer your fears and GO GET IT!

Dreams bigger than fears (1)