The Six Ghosts of Fear

The master key that unlocks the door to life’s bountiful riches is the privilege of creating in your own mind a burning desire to achieve.  The satisfaction that comes to all who conquer self and force life to pay whatever they demand is overwhelming.  
Six Ghosts

Stand Up And Be Celebrated

What’s holding you back?  

Are personal challenges getting in your way?  For example, do you struggle with feeling you don’t deserve the best life has to offer?  Do you find yourself feeling only tolerated instead of being celebrated for being the best you that you can be?  Guess what, you’re not alone, but don’t let that stop you from working on your goals and focusing on your dreams.  Work on your mindset daily.

Do you have family or friends that don’t support you?  Guess what, so do I.  Will that stop me?  Not a chance.  Because they don’t support what I’m doing doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.  It’s my journey to travel, not theirs.  Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from working towards living a better life – a life you deserve to live.  Focus on your own journey.

What I have learned while working my plan and following my own journey is that I have to step out of the role of letting fear (whatever shape or form it may come in) stop me from what I am here to do and embrace the greatness within me.  Your dreams are within your reach.

We must fill our cups first before we can serve others.  One way we do that is working on our self development daily.  As you do that, share the value you learn with others along the way.  Invest, learn, teach…

There may be some out there sitting back waiting to see us fail, but you know what we do?  We kill ’em with success and bury them with a smile!

Let the old baggage go so you can be free to accept the gifts life has to offer!  I DESERVE IT – YOU DESERVE IT!  Now let’s get it!!!


Do You Have A Daily Plan?

What is your plan for success?
Have a routine? Is it daily or do you do certain things on certain days?
Do you work in personal time for exercising or meditating (or whatever else)?
What do you do to recharge and get re-inspired?
Do you check your progress daily? Several times a day?
Is there something you make it a point to do at the end of the day no matter what you achieved (baby steps or great leaps)?
What is your plan for success and are you committed to it?

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Keeping a journal of your process for creating your content could be a great resource tool to teach or share with others at a later date.

You will also have documentation of the different strategies you’ve tried or new things you have learned along the way.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll have something of value to share with others. ‪#‎creativeprocess‬ ‪#‎shareyourstyle‬

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