Time Saver Tip!

Time Saver Tip! Check out the IF App (IFTTT – If This Then That) Did you know you could connect your favorite apps so they work best for you? There are many options you can choose from to create your “recipe” and save your time for other important tasks. For example, have your Instagram post instantly posted to your Twitter profile, Pinterest pin to Evernote, YouTube to Tumblr, and the list goes on…

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Building Authority and Image by Just Being You: Branding Yourself

Imagine Kayne West. What images come to mind? Without a second thought, you could total up your feelings about Kayne as a person in just a few words.

In the marketing world, this assumption that you’ve built is West’s personal brand. While you’re not quite as notorious, you can use these assertions to your own benefit. It’s time to start realizing you are your own person, and you have to stand in your power. You do this by improving your image, building credibility, and working on your authority in your chosen field.  Which means working on your personal development daily!

To do this, you have to define a few things:

-Who Are You?

What makes you special, and sets you apart? Take the time to try a few different projects to enhance your prospective skills. You need people to sing your praises to help spread the word about how remarkable you are in a very connected world. These reviews give you authority on LinkedIn and other professional social media networks.

-Create Your Game Plan

You have to have all aspects of you and your product defined to ensure that your end results are tangible. To do this, consider all aspects of your image; consider your attire (home based isn’t always home bound – you have to venture out at some point :-; ), behavior, verbal and non-verbal communication. Include a plan to convey yourself and your authority on blogs, twitter, and other social media networks as well.

-Manage Your Specific Brand

It’s up to you to proactively put your plans in motion, reinforcing your passion, image, and share value in your market niche. Your social media should personify you, and your image and passion should be clear. It’s important to avoid mismatching your brand, or introducing competitive attributes (such as negative opinions) to brand yourself as a smart and savvy business professional.

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5 Big Tax Advantages of Home-Based Businesses

If you were thinking about starting your own home-based business, now is the time! You’ll get everything you want and more: freedom, lots of independence, supplemental income. Beside the additional income stream, there are also plenty of tax advantages:
1. Your Home Becomes Your “Home Office”
You can deduct most of your home bills (such as square footage of your home office, utilities, property taxes, internet bills)
2. You Can Claim Office Expenses
Have you repaired your home? These repairs can count as tax breaks!
3. Business Expenses are Also Added Tax Benefits
There are all kinds of business tax breaks, including:
-tax preparation fees
-education expenses
-traveling and meal expenses
-software expenses
4. Do You Have Any Other Expenses?
Even the things you normally buy could count as expenses (like a computer for online businesses).
5. What About Family Expenses?
You could hire your family to take some business positions and get extra tax breaks! Just keep good records.
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Personal Development – Work On It Daily!

Personal development and self-development aren’t traits that everyone is born with. It’s easy to settle into mediocrity and just get by, but why live like that? Invest in yourself, invest in personal growth, and change your mindset today.
Isn’t it about time that you overcame your:
-Lapses in judgment
-Your past decisions
-Other people’s decisions
-Inability to motivate yourself to change?
Committing to personal development and growth is always a change for the better.
It’s about time that you turned your life into an fun, worthwhile adventure. Would you be willing to get started today? What simple decision could you make to change your life? Are you willing to improve yourself?
If you’re working on your self development daily, leave a comment with one of the things you do daily towards your self development. Need some help on where to start? Comment below and I’ll send you something to start with.

Which Blade of Grass Are You?

Which Blade of Grass Are You? Learn to tell your story all the time. How do you tell your story? You start with your background. You then tell what you don’t like about it. (you may like what you do, but there is almost always something that we don’t like about our situation, or we wouldn’t be looking to change it.). Then you talk about the solution you found and how it has helped you. And finally, you tell how you are feeling about the future. Get used to telling your story – ALL the time. If you like this tip, joins us for more here: http://bit.ly/d3mgllcgrass-1088116_1920