5 Big Tax Advantages of Home-Based Businesses

If you were thinking about starting your own home-based business, now is the time! You’ll get everything you want and more: freedom, lots of independence, supplemental income. Beside the additional income stream, there are also plenty of tax advantages:
1. Your Home Becomes Your “Home Office”
You can deduct most of your home bills (such as square footage of your home office, utilities, property taxes, internet bills)
2. You Can Claim Office Expenses
Have you repaired your home? These repairs can count as tax breaks!
3. Business Expenses are Also Added Tax Benefits
There are all kinds of business tax breaks, including:
-tax preparation fees
-education expenses
-traveling and meal expenses
-software expenses
4. Do You Have Any Other Expenses?
Even the things you normally buy could count as expenses (like a computer for online businesses).
5. What About Family Expenses?
You could hire your family to take some business positions and get extra tax breaks! Just keep good records.
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