Keys to Produce Prospects Leads for Free

If you are new to the network marketing industry, or have stalled out in your lead generating efforts, getting new prospects is important to keep your business blossoming.

You can’t expect to pitch to everybody, if you do, you’ll find you do not have many buddies and people just plain avoid you!

Online Prospect Leads

There are processes you must follow offline or online.

Understand first that the ability to close a sale is related to the quality of your lead. It is pointless wasting your time pitching your product to people who are not particularly interested in it from the start. May seem basic, but when new folks enter the network marketing business, their eagerness seems to outweigh their common sense!

Identify your prospect first. Think “target marketing”. Know, in particular who your best potential customer or prospect is and market totally to them.

Some common lead prospecting techniques follow, though there are numerous others. Some strategies work better for some people than others, so do what you are comfortable doing, it’s going to reflect in how you make your presentation.

Word of mouth: the best and most inexpensive way to gather prospects. Always follow up on any referrals from customers quickly and mention your customer’s name. Referrals from happy clients are impressive because your product is already recommended by them and when you call a referral, very likely your new prospect has been told about your fresh product and is therefore “pre-warmed”.

Remember whatever you do with this lead will reflect back on the referrer, so always follow up quickly and never forget to contact the referrer and thank them. A successful end result can always lead right to more leads, and that is exactly what you want! Inducements for the referrer are always appreciated. It may be in the form of a gift voucher or money off voucher – whatever is appropriate. If the referrer makes a practice of referring new leads to you – you might want to think about making them one of your business partners, because in effect they already are.

Networking for Prospect Leads

Always use contacts from clubs and organizations to which you belong and if you don’t belong to any business organizations, join some! They are great places for finding prospects. You can join networking groups and share leads with others in related companies. For example if you sell PC hardware, hook up with others who sells computer software, but always make sure it is not a one-sided affair with you getting all the best leads, you should always try and provide incentives for those that give you leads.

Trade shows are good places to find prospects, but be warned that trade shows can cost lots of time and cash and you may probably require help. Trade shows are attended by your target audience, so win them over with your personality! Attraction marketing rules in these eventualities so don’t stand around looking bored or spend the whole time on your laptop or smartphone!

When you have identified potential prospects, you have to gather as much information on them as you can . Find out about their business, and what they do. Knowledge gives power!