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Have you heard of the #NowWeNo campaign?

Here is some information about the NowWeNo campaign. If you had information that could greatly improve or save the life of a person you love, would you share it? Our wives, daughters, mothers, and sisters deserve a choice not just to live, but to live a healthy life. Sadly for years, the tampon and sanitary napkin industry has been taking away this option of a healthy lifestyle and in some cases created products that resulted in death for many of our women. The FDA does not require manufacturers to disclose the materials used to create these products, many of which are harmful to women.

The average woman will use approximately 11,000 plus sanitary napkins in their lifetime, which means our women are slowly and unknowingly being poisoned monthly. Tampons are even worse. Tampons restrict the natural flow of a women ultimately resulting in the high incidence of toxic shock syndrome and other health related problems such as a possible increase in development of tumors and fibroids.

The Now We No ( movement is a campaign that educates our women and young girls about the harmful affects presented by most popular sanitary napkin/tampon brands on the market today. This mission offers a alternative solution which will cut many of the diseases and health challenges of at the root. Our mission is to bring awareness to the world and it begins in our community first. Testimonials from women around the world about the campaign and it’s solution confirms the need for this information. We’re looking forward to connecting with ministries, community events, organizations, and schools to effectively fight back. Once our women “know” better they can say “no” to the substandard products they are forced to buy every month.


Please contact me for more information on the #NowWeNo campaign.

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Attraction Marketing and You

What is attraction marketing and why should you even care?

This is what it’s all about. Attraction marketing is a stylish way of presenting handy and helpful information about the products, services or business opportunity to customers actively seeking that kind of help – its precisely the opposite of pounding people with unwelcome as well as aggravating marketing in the unclear hope that an someone could be interested.

The difference is trying to attract those who have completely no interest in what your providing versus attempting to attract those that have expressed interest. The difference is attempting to shoot an arrow blindfolded versus being in a position to clearly see your target and hitting it each single time.

The Importance of Attraction Marketing

You have a product or service for sale and you have options available to promote and market your business. Run ads both offline and online. Build an e-commerce store and drive highly targeted traffic to your site using a variety of paid traffic models like Google Pay-Per-Click, mobile marketing, and even set up an affiliate program to get other marketing consultants to market for you.

While these direct marketing models work, they fall “directly” into the category of interruption marketing. Basically, you are attempting to attract potential prospects and customers by interrupting and grabbing their attention while they may be doing something else at that time.

Attraction marketing is all about offering important material to people that are literally interested in it. No need to toss your marketing finance darts at a huge target hoping some will hit the bullseye – recognize that attraction marketing can easily lessen as well as also eliminate some of your marketing costs and will increase sales.

Everybody knows it’s far simpler to offer a person who is actually seeking the product that you are supplying rather than pitching that hasn’t given it a second though.

Attraction Marketing is Target Marketing

Say you have bought two tickets to see a play. You are unable to attend and would like to sell these two tickets. One way would be to advertise the tickets and incur an expense that will cut your profit markup. Not to mention the campaign may remain unseen and the tickets never sell.

Another alternative will be to visit the venue exactly where the play is taking place and try to sell your tickets to those standing in line waiting to buy tickets to the play anyways.

They benefit by avoiding the line, and you benefit by having your tickets sold with very little expense. And considering that it cuts less into your profits, you might even be able to offer a discount to make the deal seem a little far more sweet.

Attraction Marketing Online

The secret to running a successful attraction marketing campaign is to comprehend the target market and know who they are. There are many research tools that you are able to use to get your offer in front of those people who are searching to find a product or business opportunity like yours.

Target your service or product to them. Give them the info they’re looking for by publishing an article about it on your website or blog.

Start promoting this content to rank higher on search engines, social media, and video platforms to ensure the people that are seeking this info can find it. If you do it correctly, you will find attraction marketing to become well-suited for your business. It makes performing business easy, expense effective, and much more worthwhile.

Happy Marketing,
Diamantina M Clarke
D3 Marketing Group LLC
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Best-Selling Network Marketing Books

Would you like to fill your Kindle or home collection with some impressive network marketing books?

The old saying that leaders are readers, and if you download books these days to your smartphone or Kindle reader, it does not matter, that old saying still holds true.






Here’s a couple of network marketing books that come highly suggested:

The Classics

Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark and Rene Yarnell. Published in 1998 this book has changed into a classic in the sector. In it, Mark and Rene, two of the industry’s most respected and successful top producers, share methods on the best way to overcome those first-year obstacles common to the industry and position yourself for lifelong success. You will learn useful information on all that you need to know to be successful in network marketing including how to sponsor, train, grow and support your team.

One of my favorites, Think and Grow Rich by Mr Napoleon Hill. Is a bestseller and one for all ages, a modern day classic filled with ideas which have the power to change your life and set you upon the path of learning and self development. This book conveys the experience of more than 500 men of great wealth, who began at scratch, with nothing to give in return for riches except THOUGHTS, IDEAS and ORGANIZED PLANS. Here you have the entire philosophy of moneymaking, just as it was organized from the actual achievements of the most successful men known to the American people during the past fifty years. It describes WHAT TO DO, also, HOW TO DO IT!

Wave 4: Network Marketing in the 21st Century by Richard Poe.

What’s unique about Richard Poe’s “Wave” series is he hasn’t ever been actively involved in network marketing personally. So these network marketing books are written from the viewpoint of an outsider looking in without a bias for the industry. In addition, Richard interviews many top producers and share what is working to provide a result and what’s not.

The Greatest Networker in the World” by John Miltion Fogg is stated to become probably the most inspiring network marketing books of all time.

The book discusses and shares a truthful insight about network marketing, not everybody can make it. It is a frustrating and difficult encounter. Many have attained success, and many more nonetheless have attained none at all. You might be asking yourself, “How is this fact inspiring at all?” By way of John Miltion Fogg’s clever use of story and allegory, he takes you on a journey to the path of good results by becoming mentored, coached, and taught by The Greatest Networker in the world.

Modern Network Marketing Books

Search the internet for any well known top producer in any company and you may regularly find they have coaching materials available both for their team and for sale. These network marketing books will often be in the form of a PDF file you can download, print and put into a nice binder.

Network Marketing For Dummies” is Zig Ziglar’s more well-known contemporary network marketing books you are able to come across on the market nowadays.

The book covers wide, sweeping topics for example: How to develop income, motivate your distributors, evaluate opportunities, and obtain the good results you need and deserve within the field of network marketing. It also explores and covers the subjects of setting up a database, making loyal customers, and managing those loyal buyers to make sure that they stay loyal.

Whether you read your network marketing books on a Kindle in your office or in print in the bath, learn everything you can easily from effective people in the business.

Diamantina Clarke
D3 Marketing Group LLC

Keys to Produce Prospects Leads for Free

If you are new to the network marketing industry, or have stalled out in your lead generating efforts, getting new prospects is important to keep your business blossoming.

You can’t expect to pitch to everybody, if you do, you’ll find you do not have many buddies and people just plain avoid you!

Online Prospect Leads

There are processes you must follow offline or online.

Understand first that the ability to close a sale is related to the quality of your lead. It is pointless wasting your time pitching your product to people who are not particularly interested in it from the start. May seem basic, but when new folks enter the network marketing business, their eagerness seems to outweigh their common sense!

Identify your prospect first. Think “target marketing”. Know, in particular who your best potential customer or prospect is and market totally to them.

Some common lead prospecting techniques follow, though there are numerous others. Some strategies work better for some people than others, so do what you are comfortable doing, it’s going to reflect in how you make your presentation.

Word of mouth: the best and most inexpensive way to gather prospects. Always follow up on any referrals from customers quickly and mention your customer’s name. Referrals from happy clients are impressive because your product is already recommended by them and when you call a referral, very likely your new prospect has been told about your fresh product and is therefore “pre-warmed”.

Remember whatever you do with this lead will reflect back on the referrer, so always follow up quickly and never forget to contact the referrer and thank them. A successful end result can always lead right to more leads, and that is exactly what you want! Inducements for the referrer are always appreciated. It may be in the form of a gift voucher or money off voucher – whatever is appropriate. If the referrer makes a practice of referring new leads to you – you might want to think about making them one of your business partners, because in effect they already are.

Networking for Prospect Leads

Always use contacts from clubs and organizations to which you belong and if you don’t belong to any business organizations, join some! They are great places for finding prospects. You can join networking groups and share leads with others in related companies. For example if you sell PC hardware, hook up with others who sells computer software, but always make sure it is not a one-sided affair with you getting all the best leads, you should always try and provide incentives for those that give you leads.

Trade shows are good places to find prospects, but be warned that trade shows can cost lots of time and cash and you may probably require help. Trade shows are attended by your target audience, so win them over with your personality! Attraction marketing rules in these eventualities so don’t stand around looking bored or spend the whole time on your laptop or smartphone!

When you have identified potential prospects, you have to gather as much information on them as you can . Find out about their business, and what they do. Knowledge gives power!

Making Money From Blogging

Making Money from Blogging Made Easy

Use affiliate offers as a strategy for “making money from blogging“. In a level-headed manner, suggest a couple of them to your blog readers. Obviously making an attempt to sell affiliate products to your fans isn’t the same thing. Referring your audience to a product through one of your posts, indirectly, is something different . This is a totally different move because you are providing a few tips for a top product and not really selling the product. When you softly suggest a specific product to your readers, they will see that your intention isn’t about hardcore selling and you will finally start making money from blogging.

However it is about helping them out. You’ll have a good chance of converting if you’ve got the right amount of traffic.

One of the most heavily used methods for making money with a blog involves placing advertising space on the blog. However most bloggers aren’t successful when they use this strategy because some bloggers start advertising too quickly. New blogs that do not have plenty of readers won’t benefit from this method. But if your blog has been around for some time and has a good readership, then put advertising on it. The one thing you need to keep in mind here is that finding the proper advertisements and building a nice revenue stream through this technique requires time. Things will not occur immediately if you place advertisements on your blog.

Tips to Making Money from Blogging

If you’re familiar with something particular that might be able to help another person, then you could offer to provide the info for a fee. It would not be tough to sell this on your blog. This is actually the case if you’ve got a massive readership. You have just figured out the easiest way to utilize your credibility as a negotiating tool. You are being compensated for your expertise.

The more success you have in changing visitors into purchasers, will raise your blog’s earning potential.

Even if you’re just getting started in this whole blogging thing, just remember to give it time. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to pick a strategy to earn revenue from your blog that fits with your niche so your audience is not confused about what you do.

Making money from blogging all comes down to creating a lot of keyword-rich, very targeted content designed to attract individuals for your website. You should supply suggestions, tips & tricks and inside secrets. Special offers or bonus packages to work with you can be created through your affiliate link.

Making and publishing content is the 1st step towards making money from blogging. Be consistent and build your audience. The next step would be to promote your blog posts to rank high on the key search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, due to the fact you simply will not make any money if you do not have visitors. Focus on being consistent with your content and getting your content to rank once published. Then, when you have targeted traffic, making money from blogging is actually a matter of testing out a variety of methods to monetize your blog. Test adsense ads or affiliate banners.

The world is your oyster and following what you’ve found here, you definitely can and will begin making money from blogging.

If you found this “bulletin board” post helpful, please feel free to comment, like and share.

Diamantina Clarke
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