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How To Get Free Leads

Taking Measures That Show You How To Get Free Leads

If you are trying different ways to get free leads, then you have likely reached a vital point in your business venture.

When you have done some research, you will see that there are many resources where you will be able to find free leads. When you understand the powers of social networking, social media marketing, you are probably well on the way to getting a constant supply of free leads.

Keeping the process straightforward serves as the perfect invite to draw in like-minded people.

What folks need more than anything is a technique to duplicate the success of those they’ve come to admire within their industry.

Dominate with FB LIVE!

Positioning yourself as an authority in your field means projecting both the enthusiasm and confidence you have in what you are offering.

Transparency creates a winning situation for you and your audience as it takes the guess work out of the decision-making process.

Social media groups/forums are a great way to pre-screen interested candidates and get the maximum from your valuable energy and time.

Your most effective efforts will come from having great time management skills. You must put aside time each day for adding new content to your website and answering inquiries from any potential team members.

While building a solid foundation for your business, you’ll see that your life will often be turned upside down. But it’s critical not to let others see you sweat.  That will be sending the wrong message to your potential business partners.

If you project an invariable level of confidence in everything you do for yourself this can be extremely valuable to you.

Your success comes from living your best life experiences and knowing what motivates and inspires you. A great way to start is to read motivational and personal development books, watch DVDs or listen to audio books made by successful people that will also inspire you.

Understand that the people that you sponsor into your business will regard you as a leader.  It is not all about earning a significant income for yourself, you have to embrace being a servant leader.

As you have interaction with potential business partners, it is important to remember that everyone’s results will vary.  It is all down to how much effort each person puts into their own business. Do not make claims about how much someone will be earning, because you don’t know how they are going to perform. The best thing you can offer in the initial stages is your advice and support and the offer the best resources from within the resources we have available.

When you decide it is time for you to grow your client base and your business partnerships, knowing how it’s possible to get free leads is important.

If you would like more information on lead-generating resources, feel free to message me.


Happy Marketing
Diamantina Clarke
D3 Marketing Group LLC

Marketing Ideas for Small Business

The 21st century and the world recession have actually put the kitty among the pigeons where small business is concerned but there are numerous easy no-cost and low cost solutions for small businesses to maintain and even increase market share. As small outlets find they can’t compete against giant conglomerates they necessarily fail, unless they can offer more to their customers. This is done by smart promoting and offering value and a better experience to the client.

How then, is a small business to remain floating in these difficult times?

People who’ve got a brick and mortar business have their battle in their hands especially if they sell anything which is sold by these giant chains.

In order to market the product successfully, you have to be an expert and unique in what you do and supply best buyer services to attract and keep clients.

Those are 3 of the things these large box stores don’t offer: uniqueness, experience and consumer service.

Personally I always try and go shopping at small local businesses, because they are the backbone of a community and they’re often more informed and beneficial than large stores, where you are fortunate if you can get any help at all!

Google is doing everything to prompt small local businesses to get a website. If you have a highly specialized business your internet site can straight away become number one when a person searches for Your City and your consultant service. Just this easy low cost selling solution can bring in hundreds of new customers. For a small fee you may be listed in local directories, your local Chamber of Commerce and on Angie’s list, etc. which should mount up to more visibility and less cost than any costly mag or weekly paper ad, and don’t forget mobile web access.

The majority of the small business owners have the misunderstanding that it is very tricky and expensive to start and maintain a website. But that’s not true. Inexpensive construction and upkeep of web site has itself become a small scale industry.

It’s a necessity for small business owners to have internet sites with the description of the product they’re offering, their specialization, their location address, contact numbers, hours of operation and an email address.

Besides this, a successful use of affiliate advertising on certain sites and income-generating Google Adwords and such can turn out to be a bonus for the success of your small business.

A small business site proprietor can build an email list by offering an opt-in box so that he can utilize the list for offerings, specials and reductions to the customers by starting a marketing program.

Online businesses have a much more hard time getting themselves to the highly ranked on the search site listings. They have harder competition and have to address back linking, article writing and SEO and many other selling tactics they must employ to be successful. A small local business blog built on WordPress can also operate as a means for purchasers to ask about services and products as well, cutting down on inbound phone calls that often come when trying to cope with other customers. It is all about attraction marketing and getting business back to the way that they should be unique, useful and well informed businesses with excellent customer service that provide an enjoyable shopping experience for all who walk through the door.

I hope you find this article useful.  If so, please comment, like and share.

Priceline Won’t Pay You, But Your Owning Your Own Travel Agency Will!

$50 Enrollment Fee For A Limited Time Only!!!

We want people to evolve from consumers to entrepreneurs. By becoming a Professional Travel Agent with Evolution Travel, you have the ability to save money and earn income on your own personal travel and the travel of others.

Highest Paid Commission in the Travel Industry
Professional Travel Website
Direct Access – to vendors worldwide
Travel Training – Industry leading travel training and support from a company with over 60 years experience
Weekly Commissions – from our referral program
Residual Income
Discount Directory – 20% – 60% off movie tickets and concessions, dining, dry cleaning +more
Tax benefits
Many other Perks

I personally joined this industry because I want to help families create memories without breaking their bank. I want to help them create lifelong memories that will have them telling stories for many years to come. You don’t have to be rich to travel well. Being a Professional Travel Agent with us will allow you to help others travel for less and still have an amazing experience.

As a travel agent with Evolution Travel, you will have joined a family of agents that are all about helping each other to the next level. While you are in business for yourself, you are most definitely not in business by yourself. Where else can you have direct access to the Founder of the company as well as the CEO. The CEO himself even gives us a weekly training call. You will not find that anywhere else.

Come and EVOLVE with us!
We are family and our goal is that we ALL win TOGETHER!!!

Diamantina Clarke
Professional Travel Agent
D3 Travel Group LLC
Earn Income As A Travel Agent

Helping Families Create Memories

I’m a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL TRAVEL AGENT! I can book travel for you, your family, your team and your groups. I can also show you how to save money on your travel by becoming a Travel Agent. Call me at 888.236.3614 for all your travel needs.









I haven’t been back to Panama since we left when I was two for one reason or another – doesn’t matter now. With the benefits of being a travel agent, I’m planning to book a family vacation to Panama in the next year.

If you’ve been thinking of planning a family vacation, but thought the cost was too great, let’s chat and see what savings we may be able to get for you and your family. Take advantage to having a payment plan to plan that special vacation. Send me a message and let’s map it out.


Earn Income as a Certified Professional Travel Agent

When you take your test to become a Certified Professional Travel Agent …

*Choose your own hours and earn part-time or full-time income
*Access to unparalleled training and support provided
*Earn 80% of the commission
*Receive vendor discounts when you travel

*Receive Huge Tax Deductions

These are just some of the benefits of becoming a Certified Professional Travel Agent!

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Preparation Is Key!


One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. ~Arthur Ashe
If the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself, would you be ready? What steps are you taking now to be prepared? Just like you feed your body, you must feed your mind as well. 
You have to put in the time, the effort, the work.  Zig Ziglar said, “The most practical, beautiful, workable philosophy in the world won’t work – if you won’t.”

Explore Yourself As You Explore Growth

Once your find your burning desire, there is no other option than to go after it…no matter what.  Pay attention to your passions.  Let that burning desire be your motivation to keep pressing forward through the obstacles.  Fall seven times, stand up eight.  Grow through the process.  It will be well worth it in the end.  Failure is just a stepping stone to success!  Go get your blessings.  Live the life you deserve.  We weren’t born to be mediocre…Your Dreams Are Within Your Reach

Time Saver Tip!

Time Saver Tip! Check out the IF App (IFTTT – If This Then That) Did you know you could connect your favorite apps so they work best for you? There are many options you can choose from to create your “recipe” and save your time for other important tasks. For example, have your Instagram post instantly posted to your Twitter profile, Pinterest pin to Evernote, YouTube to Tumblr, and the list goes on…

Join us over at http://bit.ly/d3mgllc to see what other tips we have to share.

Building Authority and Image by Just Being You: Branding Yourself

Imagine Kayne West. What images come to mind? Without a second thought, you could total up your feelings about Kayne as a person in just a few words.

In the marketing world, this assumption that you’ve built is West’s personal brand. While you’re not quite as notorious, you can use these assertions to your own benefit. It’s time to start realizing you are your own person, and you have to stand in your power. You do this by improving your image, building credibility, and working on your authority in your chosen field.  Which means working on your personal development daily!

To do this, you have to define a few things:

-Who Are You?

What makes you special, and sets you apart? Take the time to try a few different projects to enhance your prospective skills. You need people to sing your praises to help spread the word about how remarkable you are in a very connected world. These reviews give you authority on LinkedIn and other professional social media networks.

-Create Your Game Plan

You have to have all aspects of you and your product defined to ensure that your end results are tangible. To do this, consider all aspects of your image; consider your attire (home based isn’t always home bound – you have to venture out at some point :-; ), behavior, verbal and non-verbal communication. Include a plan to convey yourself and your authority on blogs, twitter, and other social media networks as well.

-Manage Your Specific Brand

It’s up to you to proactively put your plans in motion, reinforcing your passion, image, and share value in your market niche. Your social media should personify you, and your image and passion should be clear. It’s important to avoid mismatching your brand, or introducing competitive attributes (such as negative opinions) to brand yourself as a smart and savvy business professional.

If you’d like to learn some tools, tips, etc. for social media marketing, join us here:  http://bit.ly/d3mgllc.

5 Big Tax Advantages of Home-Based Businesses

If you were thinking about starting your own home-based business, now is the time! You’ll get everything you want and more: freedom, lots of independence, supplemental income. Beside the additional income stream, there are also plenty of tax advantages:
1. Your Home Becomes Your “Home Office”
You can deduct most of your home bills (such as square footage of your home office, utilities, property taxes, internet bills)
2. You Can Claim Office Expenses
Have you repaired your home? These repairs can count as tax breaks!
3. Business Expenses are Also Added Tax Benefits
There are all kinds of business tax breaks, including:
-tax preparation fees
-education expenses
-traveling and meal expenses
-software expenses
4. Do You Have Any Other Expenses?
Even the things you normally buy could count as expenses (like a computer for online businesses).
5. What About Family Expenses?
You could hire your family to take some business positions and get extra tax breaks! Just keep good records.
~If you’d like more info, leave a comment below and I will contact you.~