Attraction Marketing and You

What is attraction marketing and why should you even care?

This is what it’s all about. Attraction marketing is a stylish way of presenting handy and helpful information about the products, services or business opportunity to customers actively seeking that kind of help – its precisely the opposite of pounding people with unwelcome as well as aggravating marketing in the unclear hope that an someone could be interested.

The difference is trying to attract those who have completely no interest in what your providing versus attempting to attract those that have expressed interest. The difference is attempting to shoot an arrow blindfolded versus being in a position to clearly see your target and hitting it each single time.

The Importance of Attraction Marketing

You have a product or service for sale and you have options available to promote and market your business. Run ads both offline and online. Build an e-commerce store and drive highly targeted traffic to your site using a variety of paid traffic models like Google Pay-Per-Click, mobile marketing, and even set up an affiliate program to get other marketing consultants to market for you.

While these direct marketing models work, they fall “directly” into the category of interruption marketing. Basically, you are attempting to attract potential prospects and customers by interrupting and grabbing their attention while they may be doing something else at that time.

Attraction marketing is all about offering important material to people that are literally interested in it. No need to toss your marketing finance darts at a huge target hoping some will hit the bullseye – recognize that attraction marketing can easily lessen as well as also eliminate some of your marketing costs and will increase sales.

Everybody knows it’s far simpler to offer a person who is actually seeking the product that you are supplying rather than pitching that hasn’t given it a second though.

Attraction Marketing is Target Marketing

Say you have bought two tickets to see a play. You are unable to attend and would like to sell these two tickets. One way would be to advertise the tickets and incur an expense that will cut your profit markup. Not to mention the campaign may remain unseen and the tickets never sell.

Another alternative will be to visit the venue exactly where the play is taking place and try to sell your tickets to those standing in line waiting to buy tickets to the play anyways.

They benefit by avoiding the line, and you benefit by having your tickets sold with very little expense. And considering that it cuts less into your profits, you might even be able to offer a discount to make the deal seem a little far more sweet.

Attraction Marketing Online

The secret to running a successful attraction marketing campaign is to comprehend the target market and know who they are. There are many research tools that you are able to use to get your offer in front of those people who are searching to find a product or business opportunity like yours.

Target your service or product to them. Give them the info they’re looking for by publishing an article about it on your website or blog.

Start promoting this content to rank higher on search engines, social media, and video platforms to ensure the people that are seeking this info can find it. If you do it correctly, you will find attraction marketing to become well-suited for your business. It makes performing business easy, expense effective, and much more worthwhile.

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5 Big Tax Advantages of Home-Based Businesses

If you were thinking about starting your own home-based business, now is the time! You’ll get everything you want and more: freedom, lots of independence, supplemental income. Beside the additional income stream, there are also plenty of tax advantages:
1. Your Home Becomes Your “Home Office”
You can deduct most of your home bills (such as square footage of your home office, utilities, property taxes, internet bills)
2. You Can Claim Office Expenses
Have you repaired your home? These repairs can count as tax breaks!
3. Business Expenses are Also Added Tax Benefits
There are all kinds of business tax breaks, including:
-tax preparation fees
-education expenses
-traveling and meal expenses
-software expenses
4. Do You Have Any Other Expenses?
Even the things you normally buy could count as expenses (like a computer for online businesses).
5. What About Family Expenses?
You could hire your family to take some business positions and get extra tax breaks! Just keep good records.
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Habits to Master Before You Are 30

A great article to share with young entrepreneurs… I have three sons (two under thirty) a granddaughter graduating from pre-school tomorrow and a grandson in middle school.  Entrepreneurs and kidpreneurs in the making…

Sowing now so we all will reap later…and those after us – Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you sow

Learn from every failure – My failure gave me strength, my pain was my motivation

Take measured risks – when you’re young and single with no children are the years to take a leap… If you don’t try, you’ll never know

Keep learningSet a challenge you will enjoy achieving. Learning new things will make our more confident as well as being fun

Associate with those who make you better – Great leaders find ways to connect with their people and help them fulfill their potential

Build Meaningful Professional Relationships – and continue to add to your list…




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Productivity – Want to be 300% more productive?

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How different would your home business, and lifestyle be if you were that much more productive?

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Diane Hochman’s Attraction Marketing Roots

Watch this webinar where she takes you back to the very ad and the very website that started her journey into Attraction Marketing FIFTEEN years ago and find out why most people who think they know Attraction Marketing don’t really know it at all.

In this class we, as a group, come to a conclusion about what the REAL core of attraction marketing is that most everyone is missing.

At the end of the class Diane mumbles about the relaunch of her Attraction Marketing Intensive next week and that we have some amazing bonuses coming out.

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