Building Authority and Image by Just Being You: Branding Yourself

Imagine Kayne West. What images come to mind? Without a second thought, you could total up your feelings about Kayne as a person in just a few words.

In the marketing world, this assumption that you’ve built is West’s personal brand. While you’re not quite as notorious, you can use these assertions to your own benefit. It’s time to start realizing you are your own person, and you have to stand in your power. You do this by improving your image, building credibility, and working on your authority in your chosen field.  Which means working on your personal development daily!

To do this, you have to define a few things:

-Who Are You?

What makes you special, and sets you apart? Take the time to try a few different projects to enhance your prospective skills. You need people to sing your praises to help spread the word about how remarkable you are in a very connected world. These reviews give you authority on LinkedIn and other professional social media networks.

-Create Your Game Plan

You have to have all aspects of you and your product defined to ensure that your end results are tangible. To do this, consider all aspects of your image; consider your attire (home based isn’t always home bound – you have to venture out at some point :-; ), behavior, verbal and non-verbal communication. Include a plan to convey yourself and your authority on blogs, twitter, and other social media networks as well.

-Manage Your Specific Brand

It’s up to you to proactively put your plans in motion, reinforcing your passion, image, and share value in your market niche. Your social media should personify you, and your image and passion should be clear. It’s important to avoid mismatching your brand, or introducing competitive attributes (such as negative opinions) to brand yourself as a smart and savvy business professional.

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Thinking About Getting Into The Home Based Business Industry?

Have You Been Thinking About Getting Into The Home Based Business Industry?

Here are some points to think about:

First, be sure to do your research.  How long has the company been in business?  Do you have in mind a target audience for their products and/or services?  What principles does the company stand on?  Are those principles in alignment with yours?  Do they have a realistic compensation plan?  You want a company in good standing within the direct sales/network marketing industry.  For example, are they listed in Inc. 500 or Inc. 5000 or are they featured in Direct Selling News?

What type of support system will you have?  Can you pick up the phone and call your upline or have access to other leaders in the company?  Will they call you?  What type of training is available?  They should have weekly meetings, conference calls and trainings available as well as online training in your “back office”.  You need to be coachable so you can learn the system and be able to teach your downline to do the same.

Are you willing to invest in yourself and learn the training and marketing tools needed for marketing online and offline?  You should have the mindset to always work on self development whether it be reading self development books, listening to audios or watching videos (or all of the above, and more).   Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.    

When you’re making your decision, be clear that you will be starting a business, not a hobby.

Good luck on whatever choice you make, and remember…

Your Dreams Are Within Your Reach
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